A Vision Statement for Keystone Baptist Church

As we embark upon a new era in the history of Keystone Baptist church, we are poised to meet the needs of the parishioners and members of West Garfield Park with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Having stood as a pillar of strength and a citadel of hope within this community, Keystone Baptist Church has maintained a gospel witness for over 50 years. Our message is simple… the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Our method is centered upon people. We will lead men women and children into a vibrant relationship with Jesus through the public worship of God; preaching and teaching the gospel; and consistent Christian living. If you are in need of an authentic experience with God, give Keystone Baptist Church a try. We invite you to join one of our various meetings to witness a community committed to a mission of making Christ known.

Pastor Ernest D. Gray Jr.

Join us at 11AM on Sunday Mornings for Worship

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